Our crystal ball has been sending us a 2017 design trend forecast. We’ve already been utilizing these trends in our work but we see them as becoming even more popular in the coming months. Always staples of good design, we’re focusing on color, texture and interior structure.


Although white and gray dominate, especially in kitchens, we’ve been suggesting and using brighter hues all over the place. One of our favorites is the blue vanity in this Manhattan apartment bathroom. Brighter than the Benjamin Moore 2017 Color of the Year Smoke but not as bold as the Pantone Color of the Year Greenery. You can use these colors as accents, too – accessories, pillows, lamps – can all bring a fresh trend to life and easily changed.

Blue seems to be the new black…we love these pops of color!


Our fascination with the natural world has meant blending indoors and outdoors more and more. Stone and wood tile is being used in new and exciting ways. This wall of stone tile in a pre-war apartment makes an impact with its organic look and feel. The wood tile floor of a reception area of real estate office we renovated shows another use for tile that mimics the look of wood. We’ve seen it used in residences, too.



Many spaces are not designed for the way we live in 2017 or for how we wish to use them. That’s where the architect and interior designer comes in – reconfiguring space to make it work! Move the kitchen or bathroom or closet to make the space functional. Take down a wall or widen an entryway…there is no limit to how creative or inventive we can be when challenged. We all know that storage is a problem in apartments. How ingenious is this solution: creating the door to a hidden storage space in the dining room? You might not even notice it unless you know it’s there. In the other image below we show how the trend of steel and glass walls and doors was used in the same New York City real estate office. This trend was recently highlighted by Houzz as seen on Forbes.com and other trend forecasts because people are using these structures/materials for shower enclosures, front entrances to combat weather yet keep the light flowing. That is their greatest advantage – they let you share the light where solid walls do not. Want privacy? Use tinted, frosted or etched instead of clear.

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