As head of the Architecture Department at Bed Bath and Beyond for over (3) three years and as a consultant to BB&B for (2) years previous, Alan Berman was involved with the development and design of several hundreds of stores at a time when BB& B was on a major expansion campaign.

What is shown are yet a few of many of their stores across the United States. Most stores averaged about 40 thousand square feet. Some of the larger flagship stores included over 100,000 square feet or more. Such was the expansion of the 6th Avenue store in New York as well as Mr. Berman’s involvement in the new store at 61st and 1st Avenue in New York City.

The main concept was to “force” the customer to walk through an entire store using a guided path/raceway to find what they were looking for. In doing so, they would happen upon many other delicious looking products that they realized they just “had to have”. Such is the success of Bed Bath & Beyond.